Telephonic BGP Peering

BGP Peering Policy for AS395152 (Vancouver), AS393755 (Toronto), and AS395766 (Montreal)

Telephonic currently accepts peering by mutual agreement. The requesting Peer network must fulfill the following conditions and requirements in order to qualify for a Peering Agreement with AS395152, AS393755 or AS395766.

  • All Telephonic Communications Inc. (Telephonic) peers must supply a contact that is available on a 24×7 basis, such as a Network Operations Center (NOC) or equivalent.
  • Peers must not utilize any form of gateway of last resort or default route that is directed at Telephonic.
  • All announcements are to be consistent across all interconnect locations.
  • Telephonic reserves the right to suspend peering for an indefinite period of time should any form of network abuse be verified to take place via the peering interconnect such as, but not limited to, denial of service attacks (DOS), unsolicited bulk email (SPAM), or setting default-route to Telephonic.
  • Telephonic's final decision on peering is based upon a mutually agreeable decision to peer based upon operational needs. If Telephonic's operational needs cause a peering arrangement to conflict with the best interest of Telephonic, Telephonic reserves the right to terminate the peering agreement with reasonable advance notice.
  • Telephonic reserves the right to modify this Peering Policy at any time without notice.

Please send all peering requests to

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