How To: Dialpad Shortcuts

Click on ‘​Voicemail Guide​’ in the sidebar for a review of the available menu options for navigating the voicemail system when accessed from your VoIP phone.

Click on ‘​Feature Codes​’ in the sidebar for an overview of the available dialpad codes for managing special features from your VoIP phone. Features include call forwarding and calling directly to voicemail.

How To: Voicemail Settings

Click on ‘​Settings​’ in the sidebar, followed by the ‘​Voicemail​’ tab to update voicemail settings.


Enter a 4 to 15 digit password / PIN for accessing your voicemail box from a phone.


  1. Mark the check box 'Send voicemail to email' to enable this feature.
  2. Enter the email address you wish to forward voicemails to.
  3. Mark the check box ‘​Delete voicemail after sending voicemail to email’ to automatically mark the voicemail as ‘deleted’.

Remember to click the blue ‘​Save changes​’ button to apply any changes you make.

How To: Initial Sign-up


    1. If this is your first time here, please click on the 'Sign Up' tab. You will see the following dialogue:


Please sign up with your business email, or the email that you currently use for the 'Voicemail to Email' function (the two email addresses are typically the same).

Enter the password you'd like to use to log into the Web Portal from now on.

  1. Click the blue 'Sign Up' button to proceed.


  1. A verification link will have been sent to your email.  Please log into your email, and click on the "Confirm my account" link within the message from us. That message will look like this: 

  1. Once you do so, you will be directed back to the login screen:

    Click your email address and enter your password to log in.

  1. Upon successful login, the Web Portal will process your data for a few seconds, before bringing up the Call History page, as below:



If you are unable to log in and see the below notification, please ensure that you have confirmed your account by clicking on the verification link that was sent to your email address during the sign up process.


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